Kasperson Week 32!

 In Forensics, Psychology, Science - 7th Grade, Science - 8th Grade

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all doing well! 


What We are Learning: 

7th Grade: Students have been learning the water cycle, carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, and nitrogen cycle. Next week they will take a test on these cycles and then they will begin a unit about forecasting weather!


8th Grade: Students have started (today) learning about Natural Hazards- our new unit. They will learn about how the layers of our Earth affect the tectonic plates of the world, which leads to natural hazards. 


Psychology: Students have been learning about the various forms of intelligence. They have been assigned groups to give the class more insight about their assigned form of intelligence. Next week they will present their findings then learn about emotional intelligence and how intelligence is measured. 


Forensics: Students have been learning making arrests and pretrial procedures. Next week they will learn about bringing evidence to court. 


Inspiring Quote:  

“You live through that little piece of time that is yours, but that piece of time is not only your own life, it is the summing-up of all the other lives that are simultaneous with yours… What you are is an expression of History.” -Robert Penn Warren, World Enough and Time