Kasperson Week 10

 In Forensics, Psychology, Science - 7th Grade, Science - 8th Grade

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a great week!


What Students Are Learning: 

Psychology: Students have been learning about how eyes and ears sense and perceive the world. Next week they will create and share a children’s book they have written that explains how sound is sensed. 


7th Science: Students have been finalizing their projects about different body systems to see how organs work together much like different machines in a factory. Next week they will present their projects, then will learn about photosynthesis.


8th Science: Students have been learning about chemistry, properties, atoms, states of matter, and elements. Next week they will continue learning about elements and their symbols, and complete an atom interactive lab to better understand atoms. 


Forensics: Students have been learning about different tracks left at crime scenes. Next week they will learn about search warrants.